Paladin Protection Academy

Offering concealed carry and firearm training classes in Kenosha

Defensive Pistol Techniques

 (Outdoor Range Course)

The Paladin Defensive Pistol Techniques course is designed to be the first step for students to take after their concealed carry class or for individuals taking their first pistol course for home defense training.  The course focuses on the foundations upon which more advanced training is built.  This course will be taught on the outdoor range.  Range fee and all class material will be provided by Paladin Protection Academy.  

What you will learn

1. Fundamentals of marksmanship

2. Safely draw from a holster

3. Safe ready positions

4. Malfunction Clearing Techniques

What you will need

1.  A Handgun and holster (Available for rent or sale in shop)

2. 100 Rounds of ammunition (Available for sale in shop)

3. Eye Protection (Available for sale in shop)

4. Ear Protection (Available for sale in shop)

5. Range / Weather appropriate attire (no open toe shoes, low cut shirts, etc.)

Class will meet at the classroom in Kenosha for 4 hours of in class training on fundamentals, holster draw techniques, safe ready position, and malfunction clearing.  The class will then travel to the outdoor range (approx 15 minutes) where all of these techniques will be done live fire for an additional 4 hours.