Paladin Protection Academy

Offering concealed carry and firearm training classes in Kenosha

At Paladin Protection Academy, we are all about Firearms and Firearms Training.  With an emphasis on developing the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude to safely and responsibly own and use firearms.  Our team comes from a diverse background of firearms professionals in multiple disciplines within the industry.

Training - With 18 years of combined experience in the training industry, our instructors come from backgrounds including sportsmen, military, armed industry professionals, and civilian instruction.  Our training programs meet a student where they are at.  Whether you are a new gun owner just learning the ropes or are training in advanced defensive skills, we have the program and the instructor for you!  

Concealed Carry

- Our instructors have been involved in the concealed carry market since 2013.  Not only are our instructors well versed in the safe use of firearms, but also situational awareness, conflict avoidance, and the laws regarding justified use of force in your state and others.  Our focus is not just on the shoot, but on developing the mindset of a responsibly armed citizen who is fully equipped to protect what can't be replaced.  Unlike many firearm schools who simply teach a curriculum, our instructors write and develop state approved curriculum tailored to the unique challenges you may face in a defensive use of firearms scenario.  We equip our students to handle both the physical, psychological, and legal liabilities of a use of force situation.

Women's Courses

- We understand that women face unique challenges when living the armed lifestyle.  Too often in the industry, training is built without consideration for the unique needs of the female gun owner.  As a company with a female partner as our president we recognize the unique training needs of the women in our community.  From the method of carry to the unique threats a female gun owner may encounter, all of our women's courses are run by an experienced female instructor with a woman's insight into these challenges.  These courses not only focus on the safe use of the firearm, but also put emphasis on situational awareness, threat deterrence, and avoidance in an environment with an instructor who understands your needs.

Instructor Courses and National Certifications

- As a professional firearms training company we don't just train the student, we train the professional.  Our training staff includes certified Training Counselors (TC's).  The TC staff is able to certify new instructors in several disciplines.  The certification given through these courses are nationally recognized and upon successful completion, you will become an instructor certified to train others.  These certifications are recognized by various state governments.  Whether you want to pursue your passion as an instructor and range safety officer or you just want to learn the correct methods for training your friends and family, taking yourself to the level of instructor will not only help you achieve those goals, but will enhance your own personal development in the firearms world.  

Advanced Courses

- If you are looking to take your training to the next level, our advanced courses are a great place to look.  Our instructors have years of experience in training courses on different weapon platforms as well as tactics to tip the odds in your favor should you ever be forced to deploy your firearms.  Home protection, advanced concealed carry skills, AR platform, defensive shotgun, advanced pistol skills, and tactics are just some of the areas of training our instructors teach.  These courses not only teach the student new skills and concepts, but equip the student with drills and continuing education options for self study to hone these skills once learned.  

We look forward to seeing you in the classroom and on the range!!!